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Belfrey Pottery Group

Situated where the boys toilets and bikes once were is now a white 'L' shaped building with 'pottery' written on top of the door...A small clue to what goes on inside this secret hideaway!  This friendly little tardis-like pottery is home to around 12 adults who all have a passion for pottery and ceramics who can access a safe place to enjoy all things clay. Led by award winning ceramic sculptor Sharon Griffin, potters wheels, kilns, clay and glazes are made available to anyone who has experience of studio pottery. 

The Pottery Group are a small on-going group of community of potters who work independently but provide support and share knowledge and experience with one another... and in turn, share their expertise and knowledge within the community through workshops, kiln sharing and outreach projects. The  aim is to help raise aspirations of the people of Telford and to use clay as a way of promoting positive mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Because the workshop is limited on space, there are no in house workshops on offer. For further enquiries, please get in touch with Sharon Griffin @

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